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CH Draw Inc.
111 W. 61st. N
Park City, KS 67204

Phone: (316) 744-7450
Toll Free: 1-800-333-9738
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Since 1993, C.H. Draw has manufactured our exclusive Luxor line of Polyurethane resin coated synthetic leathers for Marine, RV, Railroad, Healthcare, Hospitality, Automobile, and Furniture companies around the world. "The Choice of Designers Worldwide", Luxor™ products work well in almost every application. All Luxor™ products can either replace or compliment real leather.

C.H. Draw is committed to supplying the best product possible while giving each request our personal touch. Our customer service is the type you do not usually receive. Each customer is considered a friend not just someone who uses our products. Our type of customer service is based on this philosophy.

Unlike most companies, C.H. Draw is committed to having inventory so your order can ship the same day it is received. 98% of the time we will have the Luxor™ color in stock.

C.H. Draw is a privately held company with excellent capital resources, a reputation for supplying products on time and competitve pricing.